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Renovation Update ***January 23, 2018***

Work is coming along well. Already about 40% of the project has been completed. Framing for most of the “new” areas has been built, including the upstairs staff offices and study rooms. The Patron Services Department is in the process of being walled off so the internal “workings” of the department will no longer be visible. The trenching down the center of both the Adult and Youth Departments for data and power has been installed-that’s where the public computers are going to go. We are waiting for the new carpeting for those areas (this is the only area that will have new carpeting on the first floor).

The room that will house the Youth DVDs has also been framed. The conference table in the East Meeting room has been removed to allow more versatile usage of that space. It’s a little tight in there, as it’s also being used to store some of the cabinets for the staff offices. In this phase of the project, nothing else will be done with the West and East Meeting rooms.

The next couple of weeks will very quickly show things coming together. Carpeting will be installed and computers will be moved downstairs. The new Patron Services desk will be installed and the older desks in that department will be removed. The copier room will also be removed as the copier and scan station will be relocated to the center with the adult computers. The offices and study rooms upstairs will be completed, as will the two study rooms downstairs. Extra insulation is being added to the study rooms to deal with the noise issue that many of you commented on. The best news is that work to fill the ceiling/floor in the southeast and southwest corners of the building will begin. That is going to really change things. It’s all very exciting! We appreciate all your understanding through this period of disruption.

Renovation Update ***December 21, 2017***

Here’s what you can expect in our 1st week of construction (Jan 2-5, 2018):

  • Construction in the southeast and southwest corners of library: play area, study rooms, and newspaper area will be barricaded off and inaccessible.
  • Youth Services Desk will be moved temporarily next to the copy room, across from Patron Services Desk.
  • New carpeting will be installed where Youth and Adult computers are set to be located.
  • Director’s Office will be moved to allow construction for the new meeting room.
  • Possible construction to eliminate windows in Youth Services Office.

Renovation Update ***December 4, 2017***

We hope you like the library’s new open feel! The collection has been moved, with a few exceptions (some items are being held in temporary locations until the final stages of renovation.)

Between December 1, 2017-January 2, 2018, library staff will work on getting the collection back in order, as shelves had to be dismantled and moved, causing collections to be disrupted.

Construction will begin January 2, 2018. Several areas of the library will be worked on simultaneously, so computers and some collections may be inaccessible. As far as possible, we will keep you updated.

In the interim, please be careful, as there are carts, furniture, and other moving materials spread throughout the library. We appreciate your understanding for the inconvenience.

Many of you have been eagerly waiting to hear how your library is going to be transformed to meet your current needs. Based on responses we received from the community survey distributed in March 2015, Product Architecture + Design was hired to help us come up with a master plan that would address many of the expressed concerns and ideas. The project plan is a multiphase program over a 3-4 year period. There will be no tax increase or additional monies incurred by our patrons. We will be paying for the renovation work from reserves we have been able to grow through careful planning and fiscal responsibility.


Transform the Itasca Community Library into a vibrant, active, and engaging community space to meet the changing needs of our community.

Project Highlights

  • Highlight the New Materials collection
  • More open seating with additional options for study on both floors
  • Additional meeting room and study rooms
  • New upstairs vending and café area with additional seating
  • Inviting Youth Services Department
  • Improve staff workflow with repositioning of service desks and work space areas
  • Reposition the adult public computers to the 1st floor, allowing for better staff assistance
  • Upgrade a few areas with fresh paint, carpeting, and new furniture


The furniture and shelving is scheduled to be moved on November 27-29. Construction work is expected to start January 2. Library staff will do their best to help you through this transitional period, but there may be some areas of the library that will have to be closed off to accommodate the work.

We are planning to stay open through the construction, but the safety of our patrons is our primary concern; if that means closing the library, we might have to do so. Please check our website for any updates. Work on the 1st phase is expected to be completed by the end of April 2018.

More information will be shared as it becomes available.